When faced with an appallingly dirty toilet, a squat toilet, or no toilet at all, women may feel like they’re at a physical disadvantage. However, it is possible for women to urinate standing up if they’re willing to invest in a little self-potty-training.

THE GRAPHICS of how to pee standing up:

VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Shows Women How To Pee Standing Up


Yes, I do it in the shower sometimes. It’s a piece of cake! The only trouble is I can’t aim so it goes down my legs lol

With training some girls can aim forward by adjusting the labia, but unfortunately I’ve never managed it. There are devices which let you pee standing up which can be ever so useful in a tight spot but they don’t solve all the problems girls have (eg wiping) and they are like yet another item to carry around in your purse. Squatting isn’t so bad if you’re wearing the right clothing.


Once at a party a few drunken guys including myself were going to have a contest to see who could pee the farthest. It was winter and there was snow on the ground, so it would be easy to see who was the clear winner. A girl at the party overheard us and wanted in on the competition. We thought she was joking but she was serious. We all lined up first, then she went to the end of the line, made us all promise not to look, pulled her pants down around one of her ankles, and got into a crab walk position (she showed us afterwards how she did it after she had pulled her pants back up). She balanced on one hand, and used her other hand to spread her labia and aim.

She won.

(The picture is not of the girl who actually won, I just used it to demonstrate what I’m talking about. Although she does look kind of similar.)


It’s not that difficult for a woman to urinate standing up, and with precision – no muss, no fuss, no mess.

You’re likely saying “NO WAY!” at this point, correct? Well, be prepared to be surprised, then. 😉 Yes, a woman can urinate standing up without any tools other than what she has anatomically. It simply needs a knowledge of anatomy and some practice. To do it, one needs to use fingers to direct the urethral opening outward and upward in order to direct the urine flow outward and upward.

There is a clear and concise how-to online, in fact! It’s called, obviously, How to Urinate Standing Up as a Female. How to Urinate Standing Up as a Female explains with clear words and even images how the process works.

With practice, no woman needs to hover, which can be painful or even physically impossible if she has physical disabilities. Nor does she have to sit on potentially disease-tainted seats and cross her fingers that nothing there is communicable.

With practice, a woman can become as precise at, and as comfortable with, the concept of peeing standing up as males are. How very empowering!


The problem isn’t peeing while standing. The issue is that it is challenging to do this and not get urine on your leg if you are a woman doing this. Even sitting, women prefer to use a little paper to pat themselves dry after doing their business sitting down.


Erm. Ugh! My mind was blown, disgusted by the question. Until now, I believed there existed only silly answers, but this abhorrent question changes my opinion. Stupid questions do exist!

But you know what? We can actually stand and pee. It just that we like neat bathrooms and respect the cleanliness around us. Dare us, and we do it. No big deal really. Might be of your interest to know, that we can pee in positions other than standing and sitting. No kidding.


Peeing standing up is pretty easy. Any woman can do it.

Peeing standing up, without getting urine all over you is more challenging. But most women can learn to do it after a few trials and errors.

The real challenge is getting the pee away from you. It’s easy enough to pee standing up and aiming it to hit straight down, and not getting any of it dripping down your legs. Requires practice, but not rocket science. But getting it away from our bodies without an extra tool, is pretty difficult. I have only heard on the Internet of women who can achieve this with our natural tools.


Its about practice. I have been peeing standing since my college day’s. The washrooms were pathetic. Never cleaned properly. It was not easy to start I did messed up initially a few times. I would run home to avoid embracement. Next day I had to wash my mopeds seat. But I practiced and got pro in it. It was a secret all this years which only my hubby knew.