I will share this since I am guessing that a number of women might be in a similar situation.

My husband, whom I love dearly, had been pestering me for a special treat for his birthday one year. Which was to visit a nudist resort. Something that I just couldn’t see myself doing. I delayed my answer, and finally bargained to just spending a day in the nude at home, sending our daughter to stay with her grandmother for the day.

That didn’t end his desire.

A few years later, the company he worked at just had an awful six months or so of turmoil. As it was being sorted out, they asked him to visit a branch office in Orlando, Florida, to help with a project down there. A few weeks before, he arranged for a few extra days of vacation, and for me to go along for a long weekend before.

He wrote me an email, asking me again if we could consider a visit to a nudist resort, as there are several in the central Florida area.

I hemmed and hawed. This man had been through a rough patch at work and deserved a break. He was also taking me for at least two days to Disneyworld, a place I adored, on this trip. Finally, after we had got on the plane and were on our way, I allowed that I was at least think about it (going to a nudist resort) but that we had to at least talk about it.

The next morning after a long discussion and me actually speaking to a woman at the resort in making our reservations for a day visit, I gave my cautious agreement to do so. We were going there the next day.

I kind of just put it out of my mind that whole day. We realized that we needed some stuff to do so, towels, LOTS of sunscreen, some other stuff. We picked that up and the next morning, we drove to the resort. It was a very quiet car ride.

After we got through the gate, I began to notice people, doing very ordinary things at their campers and such. Except that they didn’t have any clothes on. I begged off that I needed to undress in private, and went into a ladies restroom. I came out, with a towel wrapped around my waist – I let my “girls” out – just to test the water. My husband was standing outside, totally nude. All around us were dozens of people, all ages, sizes, genders, almost all were completely naked. I tried not to look.

We decided to go down by a lake at the resort – less crowded, fewer people around, to try to get used to this experience. As we were walking, to the right on an open grassy area, was a dad tossing a baseball to his 9 or 10-year-old son, neither of which had anything on but baseball gloves. We found some sun recliners and spread our towels, and tried to relax. My husband did immediately. Me not so much. People would stroll by, say hello, pass on. I kept my towel wrapped around me, even covering my boobs by now.

Finally, after about an hour, I decided to roll over on my tummy. AND to just lay on my towel, butt upwards, uncovered completely for the first time since we arrived. Something just hit me after about 15 minutes in this position, and I sat up. I told him very softly that I just could not do this any longer. I needed to get dressed and leave. No one aside from him, my doctor, and my mother had seen me naked before, not since I was a baby. Here there were complete strangers looking at my boobs, my butt, my . . . , well you know. I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

He sat and thought for a moment.

This dear man, whom I loved and still do, was conflicted.

On one condition he said. I asked what. That we at least walk around to pool area just once. He had figured out that this was the only opportunity that he would ever have to have this experience, at least with me (he would later visit the resort on his own, at a later date). I thought for a minute and agreed. Then he floored me. I had to leave my covering in the car. I reluctantly agreed. So we walked back to the car and dropped off our towels, and such.

He took my hand and we walked past the restrooms and outdoor showers, past the relaxation pool, past a snack bar area, around the large community pool. I never saw that many naked people at one time. And I’m a nurse. I am used to seeing people in various states of undress. AND, I have never been seen completely naked before by that many people.

I am convinced that I was at least several shades of red from embarrassment.

We circled back to the car, got our things, got dressed, quite incongruously, outside by the car, and left.

We talked later that evening, after we both got over our conflicted emotions, me for being ashamed for letting him down, him for feeling that he has pushed the envelope too far. We both agreed on two things. One, I was NOT a nudist, and never could be. And that rwo, he was completely hooked on the experience.

We loved and cared for each other that we both respected each other’s feelings. He doesn’t insist on me joining him, at least in a public experience. And I will gladly indulge him in being a nudist in private.

Many hot tubs, balconies, hotel rooms, our house, have been our private venues. But I will never be a social nudist.

Once was quite enough.