Do we women check out men? Of course we do! But we are much better at it than men are.

In general, we don’t want to come off as creepy or objectifying men. It is polite to look someone in the eyes, but not stare at their body. Peripheral vision!

So, as a man you probably just don’t realize it. But we are checking you out.

Portrait of a confident man at a laptop. There is something really sexy about a man with confidence. For women, a confident and low-stress man signifies that he can be calm through tough situations.

Besides, confidence is way more attractive than anything else. Most men have the wrong idea that we women are more interested in your body than you, well yeah, the body matters, but consider that you might be attracting more attention because now you have confidence. The more confidence, the more attractive you are?

Another point is the way you dress. Soooooooo many men get all buffed up, fit that I hardly ever notice it. Wath catches my eye is the tailored suit and all that is wrapped up in confidence of speech and gait. He doesn’t even have to be ripped under those clothes.

It is very subjective, changes from woman to woman. Some like the ripped body, some attitude, some like the eyes, the lips, the face, the hands.

We, women, can’t be as obvious as men when we check men out. And being sneaky about it is kind of exciting.

It doesn’t matter what your style is boys.. just do your style right and own it.

Here’s another shocker.

As a woman, I know that within seconds of laying your eyes on me you’ll have decided whether you’d like to have sex with me. Well, guess what: I’ve been doing the same thing to you. So has every other woman you’ve ever met.

If I like you, I’ll make eye contact and maybe even give you a smile. But there’s another thing to remember: sometimes, like you, we women are just looking.