Most women would say “they never get wet” if a really hot guy is suggestive of sex to a woman, but lab experiments disagree. Rather, she is likely to be completely unaware of her physical response.

Since society has conditioned us to think that men are inherently much more sexual than women, you might be surprised to learn that women are able to get aroused by a much wider variety of stimuli than men.

In one Northwestern University study, straight men were only aroused by man-on-woman pornography, while women get aroused by both male and female erotica (and even monkeys having sex!). This is known to experts in the field as a bisexual arousal pattern and highlights the psychological differences between how women and men view sex.

Most women are physically attracted to men, just as most men are physically attracted to women. The physical aspect of sensual attraction may not be as strong in most women as most men, but it’s a fundamental of human sexuality.

For example… Most women may not be that turned on usually by seeing some guy that they don’t know or don’t like personally half naked, but if the man is someone that they know, and like or may even already be attracted to, it is definitely a turn on.

For most men, our personal opinion of a woman or whether we know them or not makes little difference as to how turned on we get seeing them half-naked. That said, there are always exceptions to the rule, but this is generally the case.

There’s also a more subtle concept involved of subconscious/conscious perceptions. This is true for almost all humans male or female: We’re usually naked when we have sex. We usually see each other clothed. When you see someone of the opposite sex in a nude or partially nude state, your mind automatically goes there. It’s like when you smell your favorite food cooking you get hungry, often before you even consciously realize what you’re smelling.

While women’s bodies are responding, the women are, for the most part, not consciously aware of their physical responses. No one knows exactly why women’s bodies are so responsive to suggestions of sex, or why there is a disconnect between female unconscious responsiveness and lack of conscious desire. If a really hot guy is suggestive of sex to a woman, her body is likely to respond and she is likely to be completely unaware of her physical response.

In the end, it really depends on the woman. For some it’s a matter of the time of the month: when it is that time, basically the wind blowing will get her wet, and every guy is a really hot guy.