This can be especially confusing to men who enjoy wearing women’s panties. Deciding which style to purchase is a whole lot different than choosing men’s boxer shorts or briefs.

Just one look at a simple panty chart can lead to hundreds of questions about which styles are best.

So how to decide?

Think about form and function. The “form” is your male private parts and the shape of your hips. The “function” might be your outfit, or your inner feeling of satisfaction.

Viewing the chart above from left to right, the styles closer to the left would tend to fit better on a male body than those further to the right.

There is no correct answer as to which or why. The good news for men in today’s retail environment, it’s easy to try on any panty style you wish.

The different panty styles go with different clothing choices. Women also go through menstrual cycles and we wear different panties on those days because we really do NOT feel like wearing a sexy G string while all that is going on.

Different body shapes require support and coverage in different ways and over the years different women with different body types have designed panties that suit themselves that other women with similar body types have also appreciated.

Personal preference also has a lot to do with it. Different occupations as well require a rethink of the panties as well as the bra. And of course, simply, to impress men.

Bottom line, there are many different types of panties, and somewhere you’re bound to find something that feels both nice on your skin and comfortable on your body.

How common is it for straight men to wear women’s panties? Very common in my experience. In fact, I would say far more common than most people think. Most men who wear women’s clothing, including panties, are straight. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 90% of cross-dressing males are straight.

Many men simply like the soft feel of panties, and/or enjoy wearing their wife’s/girlfriend’s panties because it is kind of a special connection, especially if they were already worn once by her. Women’s panties are often to be a lot softer and more comfortable and they come in many colors and different fabrics.

The Try Guys from Buzzfeed

Why there aren’t more than 3 styles for men? Men who wear panties, love them, wish they made men’s briefs as soft and colorful and snug as women’s panties.

And there is an added bonus. Besides the immense pleasure of wearing women’s panties, there is the extra hard on. For some men, putting on panties changes their mood and make them feel excited.

While the women’s underwear is not designed for the male anatomy, there is nothing wrong with wearing it.