Why do older wives dump their husbands? Walk away wife syndrome.

A lot of research has shown women at a certain point in their life begin to believe that they can be happier by simply removing their husbands from their lives. Dr. Gottman has written a book called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse it covers this subject very thoroughly. Every single divorce is different there are different circumstances in every case but the underlying cause generally is the same.

If you follow any blogs on divorce you will find them riddled with men who were blindsided by a wife who suddenly wanted a divorce after years of marriage to a faithful and decent husband. It is Also known as the bomb drop.

The wives usually state that they checked out of the marriage emotionally years before filing for divorce. The statistics reflect that over 80 percent of the divorces in this age group are initiated by the wife.

Unfortunately for the husbands this will come as a complete surprise and will feel like a devastating betrayal. Due to the fact, the wife has convinced herself that her husband is the major factor in an unfulfilling marriage and an unhappy life she will be able to move on rather quickly and appear to be happier which only compounds to the pain and suffering of the husband.

Unfortunately for the wife, it doesn’t take long post-divorce to realize that the grass is only Greener where you water it. But by this time the damage has been done. the pain inflicted on the now ex-husband the children and the extended family can’t be undone.

In most cases, the ex-husband has recovered emotionally and is able to build a better life for himself as well as find a partner who truly appreciates and loves him.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife seems to struggle and will eventually settle for someone that is far worse than the husband she convinced herself was so horrible.

It’s a cruel irony for the woman but it’s just rewards for her betrayal.