1 in 8 women admit to faking orgasms

    80% of women admit to faking orgasms. Think about this, if 80% are admitting to faking it, think about how many aren’t admitting to faking it!

    The majority of women don’t look like this.

    Taking into account that around 60% of people lie when faced with a tough and personal question, a much larger percentage of women faking orgasms must be the reality.

    Also, I am making the assumption that 60% of people lying is regarding people being asked questions in private…The women that lied about their orgasm-faking tendencies would have been asked knowing that their answer will publically contribute to a fraction over 100.

    Most of the orgasms you see in porn are fake.

    Lots of men have the most ludicrously screwed-up ideas of women; and the reason is, more often than not, porn. Pornography will regularly delineate the control of women, ordinarily involving the men regarding them as though they are a toy, essentially there for their own entertainment.

    On account of plastic surgery, altering, acting, and Photoshop, the women in pornography don’t offer anything near a reasonable picture of what women, in actuality, resemble.

    Accordingly, individuals that spend large amounts of time watching pornography are more likely than others to feel inadequate about what they look like. After looking at even softcore porn, viewers feel worse about how their partner looks too.

    A typical 45-minute porn flick takes three days of filming to produce but leaves the viewer with the impression that everything they just watched happened without a break. Porn also makes it look like no matter what a man does, the woman is thrilled, even though the majority of sexual acts shown are degrading or violent. We have sadomasochism to thank

    for that.

    Porn is chock full of ideas and beliefs that are completely opposite of what real relationships, real sex, and real love are like.

    The people acting in porn usually aren’t really enjoying themselves. As they perform more and more; the same sexual acts can come to feel almost normal, making it even harder (no pun intended) for the aforementioned fake-orgasming girls to get off.

    It is scientifically proven that “the more a person buys into the porn experience and its ideas, the harder it will be for them to have a real loving relationship—or even a real sex life.”

    The majority of real men don’t look like this

    The guys in porn are actually bigger (as in dick size), physical and can actually last longer than the average male , however, if you stop for a second to notice, you can see where the camera has been cut in order to allow both parties a recovery time.

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