5 Sex Positions For Her That Burn the Most Calories

    Lazy sex has it joys. But sometimes what you really crave is athletic sex—the kind that makes you sweat, gets your heart pounding, and blasts calories.

    Any kind of sex can help you burn off your dessert. But some super active positions that engage multiple muscle groups torch more calories than others, says Sunny Rodgers, clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, and ACS-certified sex educator. Stick with those, and you’ll rack up a bigger calorie burn than the 70 or so calories you’d burn off during a typical 25-minute sex session.

    Ready to turn playful, intimate, and orgasm-inducing sex into your new favorite fitness regimen? These are the 5 positions to add to your bedroom repertoire.

    Missionary hip dips

    Missionary sex has a reputation as the ultimate ho-hum position, but not if you include this twist. As you lie back and your partner enters you, rotate your hips up and forward, so your pelvis gets slightly higher and closer to his body each time he thrusts. This engages your core and hip flexors, so you burn more calories while strengthening your abs.

    Not only is it a workout, but this move makes sex feel better. “Engaging and squeezing the kegel muscles and lower abdominal muscles increases pleasure for both parties,” says sex educator Bianca Alba, MPH. The extra exertion increases your blood flow, making it easier to reach orgasm—and have a more intense one, she says. Don’t shy away from getting loud as sensations heat up. Each moan alone burns five calories, adds Rodgers.

    Standing cowgirl

    Woman on top, aka cowgirl, puts you in the driver’s seat, so you’re already working your body hard. This version of it takes the activity even further. Have your partner lie on his back on a workout bench or ottoman. Stand above him, then lower your body and position his penis so it’s fully inside you. As you thrust, come all the way to the tip of his penis and then lower yourself back down all the way again, using only your leg muscles for power.

    “The up-and-down motion required for this position is akin to doing squats or a wall-sit and causes the [your] quads, hamstrings, and glutes to work overtime,” says Anne Hodder, ACS, a multi-certified sex educator. For your partner, this is a lazy position—he’ll get to enjoy the view (and sensation) while his penis glides against your hot spots.

    From behind bump and grind

    Traditional doggy style has you laying front down on the bed, which lets you relax and enjoy every motion your partner makes. But by having him remain still after he enters you and you taking control of the action by backing your hips and butt into him, you’ll turn doggy into a serious calorie burner. You also score lots of pleasure when his penis goes deep, and you feel it stroke your G-spot with each long thrust.

    To increase the calories you incinerate, you’ll want to keep your arms long and strong, and also engage your core as you would a regular workout. Channeling downward dog as you hold the position helps you sustain momentum, and consider adding a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris while you steady yourself on the bed. Using one burns 18 calories an hour, says Rodgers.

    Kneeling wheelbarrow

    Challenge your balance—and kick up your metabolism—with this yoga-like sex style. Start in the traditional doggy style position, says Hodder. Next, have your partner lift your legs one at a time; Hodder recommends having him grasp them just above your knees. Once your legs are in his hands, prop yourself up on your hands while he kneels. (It’ll feel a bit like planking.)

    “This position can burn a lot of calories,” Holder says, while challenging the muscles in your arms and lower back. Meanwhile, you get the same deep penetration and G-spot stroking of regular doggy style.

    Boink and bounce

    For this move, take it to the floor: Have him sit with his legs bent, leaning slightly backward, his hands on the floor. Sit on top of him with your feet on the floor. Lean back and place your hands on his quads or knees for balance. Now, “move up and down on his penis using [your] triceps, lower abs, and hamstrings to support the movement,” says Hodder.

    Talk about a full body workout! By the time you climax, your body will be trembling (from the orgasm, yes, but also from the exertion).


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