7 Health Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear, According To An Expert


The basic purpose of wearing underwear is that it gives protection to your privates, from irritation of fabric, studs, and zippers (a real ouch if you are a guy).

For both guys and gals, underwear is good to use for health and hygiene purpose. But did you know that not wearing underwear is healthier?

You will be surprised to know how many people prefer not to wear underwear on a daily basis. Some think it is gross while others believe it is quite normal

Here are the 7 health benefits of not wearing underwear.

1. Air Can Flow Freely

One of the problems with underwear — especially the kind made of synthetic fabrics — is that it prevents air from flowing. And that’s not good. “The most important thing about [an] undergarment is aeration,” says Dr. Carolyn A. DeLucia, FACOG, MD, of VSPOT Med-Spa. That’s the action of air flowing through the garment and to your genitalia, according to Barshop.

In this respect, wearing cotton underwear is best. But going commando? Even better.

Going commando allows your private parts to breathe free air. And that can make your skin feel good.

2. Your Bits Can “Breathe” At Night

If you don’t want to nix your underwear during the day, you should at least consider going to bed underwear-free. “[Experts] say it is much better to go full commando at night to let your nether regions ‘breathe’. For women, it avoids infection. Bacteria can collect in that part of the body, especially if it becomes too sweaty. For men, it just feels great to be free.

3. Bad Bacteria Is Less Likely To Migrate

If you’re a fan of thongs (women or men) it may be time to rethink what you slip into every morning. “Thongs are a no-no. Thongs act as butt floss,” Barshop says. “In clinical terms, [they aid] in bacterial transfer from the anal area into the vaginal area.” And yes, it can happen even after you’ve showered. So if you’re worried about VPL, going commando may be a better bet.

4. For The Ladies, Yeast Infections Can Clear Up

If constant yeast infections are your MO, skipping underwear can help clear things up. “Allowing the air to hit this area is important because it stops the moisture trapped by our underwear from causing a yeast infection and skin irritation externally,” Barshop says. Good news for those of us who are feeling a bit… itchy.

5. For The Guys, Promotes Healthy Sperm Life

For men! Wearing underwear(s) for a prolonged time period creates the heat in your genitals which ruins your sperm quality. When sperm quality gets affected adversely, it might give rise to health problems such as low sperm count and impotence. OUCH!

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6. UTIs Can GTFO

Again, underwear can trap bacteria and start it heading in the wrong direction. “When bacteria travels from back to front, it increases your risk of contracting an uncomfortable urinary tract infection (UTI) as well,” noted SELF. “These can both be prevented if you pay special attention to what you wear below the waist.” And sometimes, the best answer is “nothing.”

7. Your Sex Life Will Get A Boost

Of course, you should do whatever makes you feel sexiest, for women, whether that be wearing pretty lingerie, or sporting cute undies; for guys, the BVDs. But some people really do get a kick out of going with less. Not only does it increase sensations throughout the day, but the idea is kind of fun for your partner, too.

For guys, dealing with non-sexual, spontaneous erections can be a bit of a challenge …it’s part of what gives freeballing, going commando, it’s edginess. It’s also something you’ll need to “master” when you decide to go sans BVDs. Guys, you know what I’m talking about. Ladies, you know that too, but you are too classy to point it out the obvious. Just like us guys can’t take our eyes off the free-range nipples that yearn to be seen under your top, you gals can’t take your eyes off the penis print.

A Word Of Caution

Though not wearing underwear has its benefits, but there are a few things to consider before going commando.

For guys, zipping up in a hurry can have consequences, make sure you squeeze every drop out, pee stains can be embarrassing.

For gals, don’t forget to cross your legs when sitting or keep your dress in place. Oh wait, that can’t be a bad thing, can it?