Basic errors men make when approaching beautiful women

    Men shoudl approach a beautiful woman –  or any woman – like a normal person. Don’t make the mistake (or repeat the mistake) made by some men that can lead to rejection.

    The stare. Some guys at beautiful women at parties from the moment she step in to the moment she leaves. They never make a move, never say hello, never ask her to dance. They just stare and maybe smile a little.

    The con. Some men will try and use the con of offering a freelance job, for example, to their advantage to get a date. They start telling her about imaginary projects in their heads and that they need someone to help and should meet up to discuss the details.

    The obvious. Some men will be so obvious about liking the beautiful lady from the first second. Don’t talk about that until you know she is interested, there are no feelings to be shared just yet. When approaching a woman, or at least texting her for the first time, get to know her, be funny, be interesting and be interested. The best approach is to strike a random, fun, smart conversation…seriously that’s it. Keep her interested in your character and wits before mentioning the feelings (sometime days after). Let her see you’re really interested in her and she’ll get the chance to really like you. You won’t be “just another one of those”

    The same level. If you’re not on the same level as her, watch from afar. And I’m not talking either money wise nor job wise. If you’re not as charismatic, funny, or smart as she is, don’t bother.

    Looks not important. You don’t have to be good looking. Yes, it’s true. But you do have to be manly. Wimps need not apply. Women might think some boys are cute, and they might like them. But there’s a feeling that makes women crave you, “he can protect me”. Women want or need a man she can feel that, “If I’m in trouble I can go to him”. This is the man they’re looking for. Good looks are just a bonus.

    Before you venture out in your conqeust, keep this quick likst of common mistakes made by some men:

    • Thinking that being nice to a woman is good enough
    • Being too easily impressed by women
    • Thinking that he can buy her attraction or love
    • Sharing his feelings before she is even properly attracted
    • Thinking that he has to have money or looks to get a girl
    • Trying too hard to be liked
    • Being insecure
    • Doing whatever she wants in the hope that it will impress her and make her like him

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