Do women enjoy seeing men in their underwear?

    Oh for heaven’s sake YES! Ever since I was a teenager (now that I think about it, the first time was in 7th grade so I was 12) we girls loved looking through the underwear ads and catalog listings.

    One girl brought an older page ripped out of a Sears catalog that showed a man wearing boxer shorts. The page was soiled and stained, most likely from wet fingers, I’m guessing. When we looked at the inside of the man’s thigh, we could plainly see the man’s penis!

    That created a lot of animated sexual fantasy girl talk. In the kill/marry/screw game, he was definitely in the ‘screw’ column. On the other hand what would happen to us if that man with his huge penis actually got it inside one of us? Some of us were horrified by the thought that it would certainly hurt. Another contingent was just as convinced that a penis that large would give the lucky girl an instant orgasm.

    One of the girls said that she and her cousin had played a tame version of ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ where they stripped down to their underwear. The two of them had previously been the proverbial kissing cousins and she said that while they were standing there, him in his tight white briefs and her in her panties and bra, they were magnetically drawn together and began kissing. They were in his bedroom and ended up on his bed kissing.

    She held us in rapt attention telling us how exciting it was to be kissing and hugging with so much bare skin touching. It was an experience they both wanted to repeat. It took them a few more sessions before he rolled over between her legs. Whether it was by intention, instinct, or happy accident, they discovered that if he rubbed the shaft of his penis against her clit, even though they still had their underwear on, they could bring each other to a nice satisfying orgasm.

    Now that I’m much older and have the world of Tumblr to explore I have to say that I vastly prefer seeing pictures of well-endowed men in tight underwear than seeing them naked.

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    Other opinions on the matter:

    • Women enjoy seeing men in their men’s underwear only when it is important.
    • Yes, as long as it’s not “tighty whities”.
    • Wives do – they like to see their mates in that condition. BUT – and here’s a big BUT – if the guy is wearing his favorite undies with torn elastic, holes and stains from work (food?) or hobbies – that’s a turn-off.
    • I do fancy a handsome man wearing only boxers and a twinkle in his eye 🙂
    • It depends on the scenario, the context in which this happens.

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