How do you know if a woman is wearing panties under her dress

    Just assume that ALL women are wearing panties.

    Virtually all women wear underwear under a dress or skirt virtually every single time. There are several reasons for not going commando:

    • Vaginal discharge: Throughout the cycle varying small amounts of fluid seep out of the vagina as a normal discharge
    • Urine: Even with careful cleaning a few drops of the pee can linger and she’d rather it be on her underwear than her leg.
    • Infection: Various vaginal infections like BV also cause discharge

    Unless she tells you or you’re a creep, doing something particularly nasty like looking up her dress or pulling it, attempting to expose her to find out, there is no way you can know.

    And don’t try to ask her straight out, unless you are looking to get slapped or maced. There are no bounds to the wrath of a woman being exposed or humiliated. No Bounds!

    Many women are adverse to going commando. There are common misconceptions, some see it as bad for your sexual health or as an indication of promiscuity.

    But if you must know, there are several ways for you to know without being a pervert:

    • Panty lines. But not all the time.  G-strings or thongs rarely leave lines.
    • Only if she walks over you. You can’t be called (nor should you feel) you are a pervert if you don’t look away.
    • By the look in her eyes. OK, making this one up.

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