How to make your husband happy!

    Ladies trying to make your husband happy is a futile attempt, you cannot make him happy as that is his choice, but there are ways you can support your husband to be happy.

    My ten rules for a happy husband:

    1. Have sex with him. Make yourself available to have sex with him. I understand that he needs to cooperate to create the mood and appreciate you cannot just drop your panties for him.
    2. Don’t be passive. If you do not like something he has done or said then tell him there and then. Do not harbor anger and let it flair up later. Don’t go to be mad.
    3. Forgive him. Husbands do and say dumb and hurtful shit sometimes. Do not use these things as a weapon against him, but forgive him providing he understands what he did/said wrong and is sorry.
    4. Do not insult or belittle him in front of others: Admonish him in private (if you have to) always. Never in front of his friends, family, co-workers, business associates, neighbors…well you get the picture. Always in private.
    5. Keep yourself looking good. You are not expected to be at gym, run miles, diet to no end, etc. However, a little (emphasis) makeup and a hot outfit do wonders. A short skirt with no drawers (at the right place and time) can keep things interesting. And don’t forget the heels.
    6. Get along with his family. Warring with his family, having him to choose between them and you is never going to be end up good for you. If it his choice to break with his family fine, don’t be the one with the ultimatum or force to have to sneak around behind your back to see or keep in touch with his family.
    7. Don’t argue problems out. Seek to sit with your husband and talk through your issues rationally instead of choosing to argue with him.
    8. Do not spend his money. If you are not earning then it is reasonable to expect an allowance from your husband which you both would have agreed (not argued) to. Do not then, spend money that he has earned foolishly. Spending his money wisely will earn you praise, respect and trust.
    9. COMPROMISE. In capitals because this one is a pillar to having a happy husband. Husbands like to have control of the remote, so you should be willing to compromise to allow him, at times, to watch the movies or shows he wants. Not always, but choose your battles carefully and you will have a happy husband.
    10. Do not keep secrets from him. Lying to him, in a husband’s mind, especially if it is to save him from a hurt, is nothing compared to keeping a secret from him. Be open with him. Admit it if you lied to him not to keep it from him but to spare his feelings. Of course if you are cheating, that maybe should be kept a secret. But then why are you so concerned of his happiness in the first place?

    A simple rule to live by: a happy husband is a husband who has been well fucked and well fed. With time, the order is reversed, but the rule stays the same.

    PS, one last point, which is tied to number 1, take initiative often! Men love to be led at times and there is nothing hotter than his woman taking control and want him.

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