I always thought I was straight but now I’m not sure

    I always thought I was straight but now I’m not sure. How can I tell? I just found myself checking out another girl’s boobs and I never really thought about girls that way before and I guess I just realized I might not be as straight as I assumed.

    One way to tell if you’re bisexual is to make love to a woman and see how it feels.

    You’ve been checking out other girl’s breasts and finding yourself getting aroused by the thought of touching them. So, rather than walking around town checking out other women and wondering what it would feel like to be intimate with a woman, start living your fantasy as reality instead.

    It’sthe little things at first, like checking out a girl’s chest or butt. Then you started thinking about dating women and being with women. I’ts hard to understand it at first. It can take some time to figure it out, figure yourself out. You might be straight. You might not be. Just keep an open mind.

    It is normal to have sexual feelings towards the same sex occasionally, it does not mean you are homosexual.

    If you can find a girl who intrigues you and you find yourself physically attracted to her, then ask her out and see what happens.

    My guess is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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