Just Cum and Go.


I’ll keep this short because it was short, 5 minutes of fun in a dirty trailer in a dirty little South Georgia town.

I met her in a dirty little store in a dirty place that it’s only claim to fame is an ex-president claimed to see a UFO here.

3 stores and a peanut mill. Nothing else. But 2 out of the 3 stores sold beer. And two out of three women in this dirty little town would blow you for a six pack of that beer.

So I was there, naked from the waist down, getting a dirty bj from a dirty girl in this dirty little town. Sitting on a dirty bed. Watching a dirty movie while her dirty head bobbed up and down between my open legs.

The dirty bed had no sheets. Just a dirty twin bed, full of holes in the nasty ass mattress.

No romance there, just a dirty girl earning her sixer. A dirty guy not even pretending to care. Faster bobbing, holding her dirty head down. Cumming hard and fast. Legs shooting straight out.

A soft toe catching a hole. The pinkie one, bent straight back.

A sharp cracking sound. A holler from me. A cackle from her. Limping to the front door. No goodbye kiss. Just cum and go.

Source: Quora.com