Mistakes women make when they first start dating someone

    These are some of the most common mistakes that women make when on their first date.

    When she thinks being pretty is all she needs.

    When she thinks that by being pretty she has everything fixed and that she does not need anything extra. Boys are very visual, I’m not going to deny that, but the beauty only keeps them until they succeed to take you to bed. For a man to want to engage in a relationship you have to be an exceptional woman, who knows how to be, feminine, and confident. So do not focus just on your appearance, it’s essential but it’s not everything.

    Constantly asserts that her opinion is the only correct.

    When you constantly assert that your opinion is the only correct. That you are forever right. Hear that man first and if you disagree, do not make him feel bad. Accept that you have a different point of view but do not try to force yours, particularly if it occurs on the first dates.

    Am successful you are not.

    Begins to tell you all your CV, your education, where you work … with all sorts of details. Even if you are a CEO of a great company you can tell, of course, but not focus the whole conversation on it. With this, the only thing you’re going to do is turn everything into a business appointment and that’s what you do not want. Talk about things you feel passion for, your hobbies, your personal life, friends, family … it ‘s a personal appointment so do not focus on the professional.

    Hate for her girlfriends.

    When you talk negatively about other females all the time. No matter how intelligent you are, do not put the rest of the ladies underneath you, if you are much brighter than the rest he will realize anyway, you do not need to talk terribly of all the others.

    Too much drama.

    Drama goddesses. Do you always quarrel when you talk with him? Perhaps there are problems, but they are not fixed with the commotions. You need to adjust the tone of the conversation and learn how to handle disputes a mature way. Just start giving the appropriate weight to things.

    Some ladies who don’t take care of their looks.

    It is always admirable to see that the other person has taken the trouble to get ready for the appointment. Going with the costumes with which you walk the puppy will give the impression that you do not bother about the image you give.

    Telling too much about your ex.

    A very obvious blunder, especially if you recently left a relationship. This gentleman is not interested in the likes and dislikes of your ex, let alone your encounters together. It is also not nice that you scrutinize it. Just do not discuss it. The more you discuss your previous partner, your suitor will feel that he is “the other”, that you do not mind being with him, that you are still involved in the other person or that you are very resentful.

    Giving in to sex too soon.

    For men, a lot of “dating” is about the hunt rather than finding the love of our lives. If you want a guy to get to know you for you, you have to kind of trick him into it. I know it’s weird, isn’t it? Most men are in pursuit of sex. Natural born hunters. And once we get it, it’s like all that interest and digging deeper to get to know you go away. My best relationship started because I was set on sleeping with someone.

    Too much, too soon. Fall in love way too quickly

    How many times have you seen or heard of women moving in with some guy after dating for just a few weeks or months? Or flying out to another country to meet a guy they barely know? What a lot of women fail to realize is that relationships work out best when the man is the one doing the chasing, when he is the one who is interested first.

    Playing Unavailable

    In contrast to the foregoing, playing unavailable is a very common way of increasing your value and make him chase. Way too many times it goes wrong though. At the very beginning, if you like him, you’re better served with saying yes and finding the time to meet as quickly as possible. Some women believe that if they can make the man invest, then the man will be more hooked on them, having him “prove” himself.

    The cell phone is more important

    A big mistake I see a lot is when a woman uses her cell phone during our date. I understand that problems can arise when you may need your cell phone to be on at all times. However, if I see you constantly checking your phone during our date. I will think that you hold no interest in getting to know me


    Don’t assault him with questions. Too many women do this thinking it will show interest, but, in fact, most men equate the practice to an interview for a job they aren’t sure is even wanted. No one goes to a job interview for fun. Getting to know one another is as much about emotion and chemistry as it is about probing for information about each other’s lives.



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