The biggest lies that society tells men


Some of the biggest lies society tells men are surround relations between men and women.

1Looks and money are the most important factors for wome

Advertisers are subtly pushing this message, suggesting men need to look good with the new shirt, the new jeans, the new cologne. Sure, that helps a little. Yet, it’s nowhere near as important as being an assertive, fun, confident alpha-male.

2Women want a man who is really nice and treats them like a princess

Men are taught the same by Disney films and romantic comedies. You win a woman’s heart by showing how much you love her. That’s great for keeping a woman once you’ve won her over, but not for getting her in the first place. What typically happens when a single man frames himself as the loyal man who’ll do anything to get his one beautiful princess? She runs away and is repulses by his creepiness and neediness.

3Women don’t want loads of sex

Most women have filthy fantasies. They arguably love sex more than men. There’s a reasons why the ’50 Shades of Grey’ series sold so well. Sadly, society shames them for showing any form of promiscuity, which is why they need to hide this.

4Woman hate ‘fuckboys’

They may say this to hide their promiscuity, but the truth is that 20% men are sleeping with 80% of the women. When the ‘fuckboy’ shows the behaviour of someone who’s slept with a lot of women, this indicates he’s desirable, and women are attracted to that. When the ‘nice guy’ he’ll do anything for his one special girl, he’s indicating that no-one else wants him, which is highly unattractive.

5Be patient and the perfect woman will waltz into your life.

Another lie perpetuated by films, books and TV. It’s designed to leave the average Joe with a warm fuzzy feeling in their tummies. It suggests that they don’t need be proactive in meeting women or improve themselves in any way in order to get their dream woman. Absolute nonsense. To secure an amazing woman, you need to become an amazing guy.