The Small Penis Syndrome.

    What life like being in love with a man that has a small package

    This is for both men who have or think that they have a small penis and women who have a husband or significant other with small manhood. Having a small penis or just the thought of having one can adversely affect a man’s sex life and life in general.

    It affects a hell lot of men and most are unable to discuss it because of deep shame and anxiety.

    Elena got married to her man around a few years ago. It was an arranged marriage. She was 23, while he, a professional, humble, caring and wonderful person, around 28. They have had one child, a son, lived a pretty decent life and a successful marriage.

    Though there were issues initially, their sex life currently, is by all means, very normal and both are satisfied with each other.

    He is around five feet 10 inches, she towers ar five feet. Both are quite good looking, however, his penis size is only about 4 inches (which is not small to be specific, but quite average or below average).

    Hubby is a confident person in life, but used to have crippling issues with the size of his manhood (also called small penis syndrome).

    Bing an arranged marriage and neither having had other sex partners, initially, everything was fine. The sex was alright.

    “I never thought anything about his size being small. As time passed, I noticed few things. My husband would avoid having sex with lights on. He would become anxious, if I tried to touch his penis and would pull away,” Elena saying recounting her story.

    “He would ejaculate with 1 to 2 minutes in the first few months of our marriage. I thought it was fine since he had never done it before, but he never showed signs of improvement. Slowly, the sex started decreasing. I knew something was wrong. After a lot of questioning and asking if he was having any problem, he finally opened up,” she added.

    He had issues with his size.

    He thought he had a small penis.

    He thought he would never be able to satisfy her.

    He was deeply ashamed of his size and thought that it made him less masculine.

    It affected his confidence in daily life. The premature ejaculation further drowned his confidence.

    “I was surprised initially, but I knew I had to deal with it myself. I couldn’t let him become depressed due to this,” Elena continued. “I reassured him that I would always be by his side and that he was the most wonderful thing to have happened to me. It took months of counseling, reassurance and regular sex for him to improve. But my efforts bore fruit and now he is a completely normal and confident person. He cherishes me and appreciates my effort in restoring his confidence. Our sex life is great and I can’t ask for more.”

    The most important thing to deal with this problem is patience and reassurance.

    For women, if you happen to be in love with someone, who has/thinks that he has a small penis, please keep the following points in mind.

    • Men are extremely sensitive about the size of their penis. The importance that a man places on his penis is almost unfathomable for a woman.
    • Having a small penis greatly affects a man’s confidence in literally every sphere of life, from sex to regular social interactions.
    • Most men take their penis size as a measure of their manhood and masculinity.
      Telling a man that he is small down there, is enough to crush his confidence for life. Most men would never forget it and it will drive him into depression. And they would never have the same confidence in having sex with you or any other woman.
    • Men with small penises usually are a bit more egoistic that those who have normal penises. The male ego is highly affected by a man’s opinion about the size of his own man parts.
    • Many men might even have large to normal size organs, but still, be insecure about their size
    • Most men would never tell you about their insecurities, but it would show in his sexual performance.
    • Men place a high amount of importance, in being able to satisfy their wives/partners in bed. Performance anxiety leads to worsening performance.

    How do you deal with a man with a small penis syndrome?:

    • Never ever comment about his genital size unless he asks for it. In case he asks, just say that he is fine and you love him.
    • Patience and reassurance is the key. Results take time to come by.
    • Don’t get frustrated and scold him. That would cripple his confidence.
    • Try different sex positions in case his manhood is really small. Positions that work include doggy style, the woman on top, reverse cowgirl, etc.
    • Encourage him to use his tongue and fingers more.
    • Never compare him with any other men, especially exes.
    • The woman on top position works great for premature ejaculation.
    • In case he has a normal penis, you can try telling him that you find his penis to be quite big. Gagging while you suck him, is a nice way to stroke his ego. It gives them a feeling that they are big in size.

    For men:

    • Guys, I know how sensitive you are about your penis, but don’t let it become a deciding factor in your life.
    • Most women are not that judgemental about your size as you are.
    • It requires love, care, and dedication to pleasing a woman, in addition to sex.
    • When it comes to sex, women rarely orgasm from penetration alone. Satisfying a woman in bed requires much more than just ramming your dick inside her.
    • Use your tongue and fingers. Go down on her. Lick her till she squirms in pleasure. Learn how to use your mouth to satisfy her and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
    • Try losing some weight. The pubic fat tends to conceal some of your manhood.

    Bonus point: It is easier to give oral pleasure to a man who has an average or a small penis. You can easily take a man’s entire penis in your mouth. That the feeling is heavenly. For both.

    Having small man parts is not the end of life. You can still have a booming sex life.

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