Things everyone does but no one admits to doing

    Things that most (99%) of people (men and women) but would never admit to:

    • Watch porn.
    • Masturbate.
    • Pick their nose. Some people eat their snot, too.
    • Check out their body in the mirror.
    • Pee in the shower.
    • Embellish stories to make themselves sound cool.
    • Stare at pictures of their crush.
    • Practice conversations they will probably never have, in front of a mirror.
    • Record their voice in order to hear what it sounds like to the rest of the world.
    • Snoop around in other people’s bathrooms.
    • Enjoy the pooping process.
    • Turn their phones on to check the time, but forget to check the time.
    • Check your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s phone.
    • Tried to be friends with someone you want to fuck.
    • Digging your underwear out of your butt.
    • Looking at your poop in the toilet before you flush it.
    • Trying to squeeze in 8 hours of sleep in 3 hours.
    • Being okay buying hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, but, $1.99 for shipping makes you question everything!
    • Smelling your own farts.
    • Talking to yourself in the mirror.
    • Trying to lick your own breasts [women] or penis [men].
    • You fart but never admit. Never.
    • Holding breath for a flatter belly before a photo.
    • Checking out the opposite gender.
    • Cuddle.
    • Ogling a beautiful body.
    • Going offline intentionally but blaming the internet connection.
    • Buying extra items so it doesn’t look like you went in only to buy a pack of condoms.
    • A peep on the girl passing by.
    • Scratching your genitals, then sniffing the smell on your fingers.

    I don’t normally do any of the above, the list of things I think people do, but never would admit to it!!

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