V neckline tee shirts will make you look sexy!

    No matter what your body type. Bye Bye to round neck tees!

    The necklines shown in the white tee and also the black below are ideal. They frame the face beautifully, and lengthen the neck. The proportion of both necklines make the shoulders and chest look powerful, and exude charisma. Very high sex appeal.

    The V neckline tee is made to be worn untucked.

    Look at how it frames his face and shows his shoulders and chest magnificently!

    The V cut shown below is too wide and too long. Avoid it. Maybe it is acceptable as a gym workout shirt, but not to be worn outside of the gym. The too wide V distracts from the shoulders, and makes the shoulders look puny. The bottom of the too wide V cuts the chest in half so there is no sex appeal even when there is lots of skin showing.

    This V cut below is too long and too jarring. Avoid it. The eyes cannot find anything pleasing to look at. The chest is cut into the proportions of 1/4 shirt, 2/4 skin, 1/4 shirt (eyes looking horizontally left to right across the chest).

    Now the black tee below has a neckline that is also too long but it is sexy. Why? The sleeves are long which extends his shoulders and shows off his arms. The V cut highlights his bare, smooth, toned skin, not the size of his chest. It shows off he is fit. Lean. The color black adds visual mass and enhances the contrast between skin and shirt.

    This neckline will not work with short sleeves (they will make his chest look wimpy and weak). Cover the long sleeves with your hands. See?

    The sleeveless tee is a good workout shirt. The armhole is cut deep which will show underarm hair, unless the hair is removed. Usually, the sleeveless tee is made to hug the body. Good to wear in extremely hot tropical climate where shirts like this style is the norm. For all other climates, it’s best to avoid wearing this tee outside the gym. The deep armhole cut is distracting. It shows skin under the arms in a chunky block, calling attention to that area in an unaesthetic way, as if we are looking at a design flaw.

    Time to say goodbye to the round neck tees. Why? It’s functional. Neat. And it makes you look like a “nice” person who would be a “good friend.”

    Most females would feel any male wearing a round neck tee shirt can be counted on to listen to her problems; especially problems with boyfriends, exes, unrequited love, money, family – the frustrating friend zone! Desexed.

    Where’s the heat? We were born to give off heat. To be hot with finesse. To move our hips in mighty fine rhythm.

    Bye Bye to round neck tees!


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