What Is The One Unwritten Etiquette Rule Of Men?

    At the risk of being accused dumb and childish, this is one unwritten rule of men the majority of women have NO clue about.

    There is a very clear etiquette involved in the use of men’s restrooms. Urinals, to be precise.

    Almost any men’s room has multiple urinals. The unwritten law states

    • Always use either end urinal if you are alone
    • DO NOT use the urinal next to another guy. Leave one urinal in between.
    • If there are only two urinals and one is occupied use a stall
    • NEVER make conversation with the guy next to you. Even if you know him
    • If the bathroom is busy and there are people waiting, the “leave a spot” rule is no longer in effect and all urinals may be used.

    These rules are NEVER discussed, but are nearly universal in my experience, at least in North America,, ie Canada and the U.S.

    In Latin America, it’s a hit and miss. No pun intended. Depending on the country, the social economic level of the location and the influence of North Americans, the rules may or may not be observed. Again no pun intended.

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