What seems to matter less and less as you grow older


As you get older your priorities, your way of looking at life change. From a man’s point of vice, in your 40s sex won’t change much if you keep relatively fit, maintain a healthy diet and adequate rest. Staying strong and healthy becomes important.

As the years pile on, it becomes more and more important to maintain a good sex life. Focus on your passion,, things that bring value to your life.

The rest seems less important as you age, such as:

  • The game. I won’t tolerate women playing mind games, play hard to get. And the drama. There is no time for drama. Who wants that in their life?
  • Toxic people. You’re out of here. With surgical precision, you cut them out of your life. Negative people will spill onto you.
  • Boring women. Why would you want to spend your precious time in boring women, women who can’t hold a conversation, are a hassle, bring no additional value to your life. Women who have put sex on the back burner or are not willing to be adventurous in bed and out.
  • What other people think. It’s time to stop concern yourself of what other people of you, sex, like and whatever. Live your life to your values.
  • Beating around the bush (no pun intended). Make it clear what you want or don’t. You can be polite, but direct. You may lose some friends and women, which is fine. Don’t waste your remaining time in what-ifs. Have feelings for someone, tell them.
  • Perfection. There isn’t any. Go with the flow.
  • Work. We all need money to live and work is important, but it should no longer be your whole life. Work pays for your life and lifestyle, it won’t be there when you can no longer physically or mentally do the job. And neither will all your passions.
  • Accomplishments. Your goad should be to get through today, keeping an eye on tomorrow, but don’t let that experience today pass you by as you work your plan to accomplishment.
  • Worryings. Stop worrying and start living. Stop worrying about everything, especially things you can’t, never could, control.
  • Being right. No one cares, the least should be you. Proving you are right should no longer be important.
  • Finding “the one”. It doesn’t exist until you have it and you will have no idea how you got it. There is no “the one” just waiting for you, holding out for it is silly. Just go for it. We all change and with the change comes change. And “the one” changes as you get older. What you wanted in “the one” in your 20s and 30s is no longer your want today or tomorrow.

Come to treasure moments more than monuments. Travel. Get a dog or dogs. Growing older means you have less time ahead to live out what you have learned. Make each moment you have count.

And have all the sex you handle. It’s just as important or more so than it was in the past.