Why do people wear clothes at home?

    Being naked (and barefoot) makes you feel at home

    TSGVICE – Why do people wear clothes at home? That’s a really good question. it’s fully unclear why quite a lot of people wear clothes in their own home.

    Clothes may be necessary for protection, when it’s too cold or when it isn’t safe for your body or maybe when others living in your home or guests have problems with seeing a naked body. Or your body.

    In your own home, it is assumed that living conditions are to your comfort and safety and those in judgment of your nudity are not around unless you let them in.

    So there should be no reason at all to go naked if that is what you want and enjoy and take pleasure in the freedom of no clothes, to be so open with yourself, at times exciting and inspiring as well.

    I suppose people wear clothes at home and even to bed (pjs for example) because for most people wearing clothes seems normal. It’s what we have been taught as we grew up and has become their default behavior, pure conditioning, and not knowing any better. In later life we learn to associate nudity with sex.

    If you have always wanted to naked at home, give it a try. Being naked (and barefoot) makes you feel at home.

    You may be pleasantly surprised. Even inspired.

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