Do guys like it when women wear a bra?


Men have turned to Reddit to reveal how they *really* feel about the braless look and their responses were surprising, to say the least. Why? Because as it turns out, most dudes prefer the girls hoisted up by some underwire support.

Pizza, boobs and beer!

This, of course, goes against the common belief that most guys like to see the shape of a woman’s natural breasts underneath her clothes. But ladies, don’t go buying or burning your bras just yet, because remember: whether or not a dude likes your bra-supported or braless look is none of your concern. Just do you.

Still, we had to give the boys a platform to voice their opinions on the matter because, well, we admit: curiosity at the end of the day got the best of us.

Read on below!

user “HomelessPandas.” “No bra is not attractive unless a girl is wearing one of my t shirts and underwear around the house. Other than that bra is way better. Boobs look way better in most shirts when they are supported and stuff.”

User “LeftyRedMN.” “Most guys prefer you without a bra 90% of the time. It is definitely more sexually appealing to see your nipples moving about freely beneath your shirt; even if ‘time’s caught up with you’. 😉 The bra has been established as a requirement for ‘non’-sexualized attire for women. Some tops can work as a bra, but for the most part; if nipples are visible and/or if there is motion when you move, men will notice and be aroused because it is somewhat taboo (would you want your developed teenage daughter going to school sans bra?).

The bra burners of the sixties changed their minds when they got older. Thus, the bra is still masking and minimizing your boobs.”

User “Senatorskeletor.” “I love when my lady wears bras, especially without a top. It’s awesome. For men, bras are very closely tied with sexuality, since we only think of them in the context of boobs, which we only think about in terms of how awesome boobs are.

On the other hand, I do love boobs. I have actually discussed this dilemma with my girlfriend: ‘I want you naked…. but you look so good in what you have on!’ I still haven’t figured this one out.”

User “Korinai.” “Women without bras on = comfortable. Comfortable women = sexy women.”

User “DatPoliteness.” “Men love anything that suggest female sexuality. Boobs bouncing around, hard nipples do that trick. Plus we associate boobs in bras with the hundreds of women we goggle every day but never get to sleep with or touch. We associate boobs out of bras with the women who liked us enough to be comfortable around us and have sex with us.

Classic conditioning.”

User “Vitalstatistix.” “Depends whether she has nice boobs or not. Even if they’re nice though, my follow up thought is the girl is probably a bit trashy.”

User “Kastoli.” “Assuming she has the most awesomely perky breasts in history… the only difference we would see is her bra-straps, or her nipples bleeding through her top – neither of which I personally find attractive.”

User “Mashonem.” “Most boobs look better with support. Since I’m not going to get to do anything with said boobs other than look at them, I’d like for them to look as nice as possible. Seeing big, saggy boobs through a shirt does nothing for me.”

User “iamthegraham.” “No bra can be sexy but if you do it all the time it just seems… trashy, I don’t know. The right bra is definitely good and wearing it most of the time just makes it so much better on the occasions when she is braless.”

User “andjok.” “Honestly, I rarely see women not wearing bras in public so it would be hard for me to say. But I don’t think it would matter that much to me.

I think the biggest thing for me at least would be what got my attention the best. After a woman has caught my attention it probably doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a bra. If a bra makes your boobs look significantly larger or helps show off cleavage, I’ll be more likely to notice. But some boobs might have really good shape on their own and so no bra would be better. It just depends.”

User “Hakukin214.” “If it is a woman I don’t know going braless in public it can be really distracting, so I’d rather I didn’t feel like a perv ogling her visibly erect nipples in inappropriate situations.”

Anonymous. “No bras is fine. I like watching the natural movement of a woman’s breast.”

User “its-not_a_throw_away.” “I prefer a bra when a girl is out in public since it’s societies and my preference. No bra when she is hanging out at home or with close friends.”

User “Mikail511.” “If the girl has awesome boobs that look great without a bra, I love the no-bra look. So it’s really up to the person to try and look as great as they can with whatever they can find to wear.”

User “Lychwood.” “My mind went fifty different ways with this, so I’ll just kind of go with them in the order they came up:

First, whatever she’s the most comfortable/least self-conscious with. Going without a bra can make you feel like your boobs are on display, and that can be super awkward. I know there were times I wore pajamas to class (residential college, hangover, don’t judge) that I was worried people would notice my dick bouncing around as I walked from building to building. It’s a vulnerable feeling. However, I’ve also heard that bras can be really restricting and uncomfortable, and that not wearing one can be immensely relieving. Also, that for larger breasts not wearing one lets them swing all over the place and can be uncomfortable or painful.

So with that being said, if you want my opinion on pure aesthetic:

Either. Both. Depends on the size of the boobs for one. Smaller boobs look really cute without a bra. The nice, natural curve, the visible nipple. That being said I associate it with intimacy. Reminds me of being in bed with my SO wearing one of my shirts. Drove me wild.

On the other hand, bras definitely serve their intended purpose. They lift boobs, make them look round and full, emphasize the cleavage, all that jazz. A great bra can do wonders and leave me, for all intents and purposes, a drooling idiot.”