For The Wife That Wants To Know How To Please (Keep) Her Husband

For men, there is never enough or too much sex. Researchers find that both men and women are unhappy with the frequency of sex they’re having (or not having)

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Please a husband is quite simple to do. You will be surprised. But one has to first understand the basics.

Every marriage rests on 2 core pillars. Sex. Trust. For most men, the order of importance is sex and trust.

Men want sex first and most; only if the sex is good and frequent a man will start to build trust with his wife. Once there is enough trust, children will follow.

Sex will remain the most important bonding factor for a man for a very long time. If the sex is frequent, even if not that good, many men will stay with their wife even if she is not very trustworthy.

“The real issue here, I think, is that couples are not finding enough time for sex’’

A smart woman will keep an eye on the 3 core pillars and never allow one of them to collapse. The most important being the FREQUENCY of the sex life.

Other factors, though lower in the line if the frequency of sex is often is the wife’s looks, how well she takes care of her body and how she dresses. Since sex is an important part of married life, sex with an attractive wife in a hot dress is much more pleasant.

Frequency mainly depends on the husband’s potential. A low sex drive is fine with once a week, or even less, while a high sex drive means sex 3–5 times a week. Or every day. Even multiple times a day.

It all depends on his abilities. Better to stay a notch above his comfort zone, “keep his hydraulic system well used”, that is, his balls drained. This will not only keep him pleased but also reduce his interest in other women.

Way too many women (and men) think a lot about their own wants and needs and care little about what might please the other.

Sex frequency does go down over time of the marriage. And later in life. A man who needs a multiple times week frequency in his younger years may be down to 2 or 3 times a week in his 50’s, less with each passing decade.

But that is a general rule, assuming a normal age difference. In Latin America, a 20 or more years difference is quite normal, in some areas women prefer older men, “señores” as they are called.

From the The Intern.

Though the frequency for these señores may fall in line with men in the northern part of the Americas, having a beautiful, young wife at his side can keep the hydraulics at the maximum drive way longer.

And though the sex frequency may go down physically, not mentally. This is where the wife has to get creative.

Men are hard-wired for sex, sex, sex past the point that the body might no longer be able to keep pace. But the mind keeps on giving. The sex may be different, but not the frequency.

For most women, the order of importance is trust and sex.

If, as a woman, you have been following my logic, it is plain to see that the more sex you give your husband the most trust he will return in kind.

I call this a win-win situation. They both have their needs met.