Historical fact to blow your mind!

    • The brain named itself.
    • Your age is the number of times you orbited the sun.
    • Your internal organs will never see the light.
    • There are pornstars born in 1999.
    • The oldest person in the world was born with a completely different set of humans.
    • Every game of chess starts and ends with a checkmate, because the king can’t move any spaces.
    • The order of a pack of shuffled cards has probably never been seen before in the history of the universe.
    • The same water that the dinosaurs used is the one you are showering in right now.
    • At one time in your life, you will be the next person to die.
    • If you are a married man, your female spouse would most likely outlive you.
    • You’ve never seen your face before, only in reflections and the mirror.
    • You will never ever know what it is like to be a man if you’re a woman or vice versa.
    • Somewhere in the world, every single celebrity or famous person is somewhere doing something right now.
    • You could possibly be driving with the same cars every day if you commute to work at the same time.
    • “Do Not Touch” is a useless phrase in Braille.
    • Earth is the only planet that doesn’t have an ancient name.
    • This generation has men with full of apologies.
    • Women also are so attention seeking these days that the stunt they pull on net make men see their fore as something to focus.

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