Red flags in a relationship that are often overlooked and should be taken seriously

    She’s walking in front of the cart that you’re pushing.

    If you’re married, you two may be “walking” around the mall. I put it into quotation marks because that’s what you believe as you’re trailing behind your SO as she walks forward with your children at her side.

    Something that can be easily overlooked is a woman who disregards her man’s role in the relationship.

    Don’t get me wrong, multiple other answers will detail exactly what red flags to look for from men. How they talk towards you and how they treat you should very much be growth and fun oriented.

    But today we’re going to focus on women. Especially women who disregard their man’s role in the relationship.

    What is a man’s role in a relationship? He’s supposed to be the leader (I can hear the anger).

    A man is supposed to be a leader, focusing on having a blast and keeping the relationship growing towards success. He is the best listener, the best talker, the best planner, the best lover. He may not be the best all the time, and that’s okay, but he will at least show up and put his best foot forward.

    Women like to test their men. It’s in their nature and honestly, I don’t blame them. It’s a sort of defense mechanism to know that their mountain, their everything is as strong as he can possibly be.

    She wants to know that at the end of the day he’ll stand up for her by first standing up for himself TO her. It’s not at all personal, again, all women do this naturally no matter what their cultural background is.


    They’ll first start with small, playful tests.

    Usually, the woman will go out of her way, like a troll, to pick on her man with something small and insignificant.

    She’ll cause a small insignificant problem to see how you react to it in a funny way. This could be anything from drinking from your bottle of water, calling you dork or generally picking on you.

    This is women’s way of making you strong and gets to feel your manly character as you laugh it off or you chase after her and tickle the living daylights out of her.

    Things start to go south when the man reacts in a negative way. Basically when the man reacts in a non-growth and fun oriented way.

    “I told you to leave me the fuck alone!”-Negative but a strong manly response. Likely a reduction in the trust from the woman as she cannot feel safe and comfortable opening up to her now unpredictable man.

    A weaker response for her to start to test you harder and harder would be something along the lines of “Haha! I am such a dork! You can drink all my water, it’s completely okay!”.

    This leads to no fun, playful resistance. You ever allowed a cat to catch a laser pointer? It gets quickly boring because there is no fun in no struggle.

    As the relationship level drops with each further test, each test gets harder and harder.

    The woman no longer does the testing in a fun playful way but rather in an irritated, annoyed way. She was expecting her man to be the best he could be, but he allowed himself to sway from his masculinity.

    If he will surrender all he has to her, would he surrender her as soon as things went south?

    The woman knows this is not the best he can do. He at one point blew her mind physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now he’s acting weak, needy and indecisive.

    Which leads to women with a bossy attitude. The kind of women that are so annoyed that their man is weak that they need to fill in for him.

    It’s almost like the man becomes the woman as he softens up and the woman becomes the man as she toughens up.

    Then you get to scenes like this one where the woman is walking in the front as the husband is trailing behind, directionless and at the beck and call of the woman.

    Guess what though? This is not what anyone (in their healthy mind) wants!

    The woman does not want to be in control at all. She only fills it because it’s necessary and she might not even be consciously aware of it. To her, it’s just her being irritated all the time.

    The man wants to be able to rock his world and that of his SO! He wants to give the best that he’s got to offer to everyone and everything, even if he fails at it!

    So next time your partner gives you a rocky response, next time your co-worker gives a sleazy remark or your family member says something a bit messed up, recognize their behavior and address it in a mature and playful way.

    A ranting mind is one that all they really want is a bit of leadership. With their incessant complaints and testing, they get to see if your claims are really as good as you say they are. Even if you’re just being yourself.

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