The most important things to know about being over sixty

    From a man's perspective.

    What are the most important things one needs to know about being over sixty? The world brainwashes you into feeling you’re too old to do things. Usually, that is not the case!

    From a man’s perspective.

    • Don’t stop exercising. It’s going to matter a lot as the years stack up.
    • People you know and love are going to die. You’re going to get REALLY GOOD at saying goodbye.
    • The regrets of life stay with you.
    • Speaking of regrets, mostly you’ll regret the things you DIDN’T do.
    • Medical science is a real thing. Don’t think you can just say “Oh, I don’t like going to the doctor.” Don’t be stupid — you’ll either go (don’t wait) or you’ll suffer, no third choice.
    • Good food is cheaper than medicine.
    • Slender is healthy; fat isn’t.
    • Sex. Eh. Your sex life doesn’t end abruptly. It slowly changes. Do all you can to remain sexually active.
    • Your life’s not over. Go out and have adventures as a regular part of your life. Learn things, do things, be things. Make your Bucket List and DO it.
    • You’ve paid your dues as a member of society. It’s time to be YOU. Fuck people’s opinions.
    • You will be paid to not work. Spend that income wisely.
    • Your time on earth is coming closer to an end. Don’t fret about it but revel in each and every moment that comes before you.
    • Forgive and forget everything and everyone who hurt you in the past. Don’t let a grudge hang over you. It inhibits your ability to enjoy the remaining time you have.
    • All that walking and staying busy when you were younger helps you feel good when you’re older. Stay busy.
    • Much of the noise society makes is just that. Learning to sort out the noise leads to time-tested truths.
    • Get prepared for more ‘yes sirs.’
    • You will no longer get excited about stupid stuff. Too much drama there, and you don’t need it anymore.
    • You will NOT have any more patience with stupid people, and you will find yourself avoiding them as often as possible.
    • Listen to your body, it will want to tell you certain things. Don’t become discouraged if you can no longer go as far as you used to.
    • Stay away from shrill, opinionated jerks. Many of them have probably never had their ass kicked.
    • You will suddenly realize, that life is indeed short, and where in the hell did all the time go?
      Make sure to exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest.
    • Don’t sit at home all day. Meet new people. Go out. Get a dog or cat. There is still a lot to explore and learn. You can teach old dogs new tricks. Keep moving… gym, dance, run, walk, swim… very important. Walk the dog.
    • Everything you thought mattered really doesn’t. Optimism will slow the aging process.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You get some pretty good discounts on stuff, take advantage of them.
    • Know when to walk away from toxic people.
    • Take pride in your home and reduce clutter.
    • Travel when you can. Be bold.
    • Take care of your finances.
    • Try to live in the moment not in the past.
    • The only important things in life are your health and relationships.
      60 is not old. 70 is not old. 80 is not old. OK, maybe at 90 you are starting to get old.
    • Laugh at yourself. Be yourself. Use everything you have learned up until now to make your life and others better.
    • Being over 60 is not as bad as those younger persons would have you think.

    And finally, this is a biggie – This is controversial and others will be offended, date younger women! at least 20 years your age, adding 5 years every decade over 60.

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