Women accept date only to eat for free: study reveals

    A recent study revealed that women normally accept a date to enjoy a good meal.

    The survey was conducted of 820 women where 33% of them just want to enjoy a good gastronomic dish.

    The aim of the study to was to discover the personality of women faced with an invitation to a casual date, to define their roles and discover religious beliefs towards dating.

    However, the results were different, as researches discovered that up to 1/3 of women decided to accept the date just to get a free meal, that is to say, they had no interest in the person as a potential partner or ‘hook up’, their only motivation was to quench their appetite.

    The study also revealed that women who do this often presented psychological problems, a need to be compensated.

    As men, we do not need any study to tells what we already know and that many of us have experienced first hand.

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